Hi. I have absolutely NOTHING to do with some kind of contraption you put in your garden to take photos of birds. I don’t know who makes it, sells it, or should be contacted about it, but it’s not me and it has nothing to do with this website. Cheers.

Around 2014 I started keeping pet birds at home for the first time in my life. I came into it cold, with as little knowledge and experience as one could have. The subsequent years were therefore full of joy, heartache and most importantly learning.

I thought that a blog would be a good way to relate my experiences to others contemplating or actually going through with pet bird ownership so that they could benefit from my experiences – not make the same mistakes and enjoy more of the rewards of keeping these beautiful and charismatic animals.

Being something of a nerdy-techie guy, I was thinking a while ago about what app to write for mobile devices and thought that a go-to knowledge base cum social network platform for bird keepers of all kinds would be an interesting challenge. Bird Buddy was born.

I hope one day that the app becomes an indispensable tool for anyone involved in bird keeping – owners, buyers, sellers even veterinarians and suppliers of accessories – as a way of getting together and exchanging ideas, information, birds and related products.

This site is also therefore  a support site for the mobile app, which is available via links in this website.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the site and the app. Happy bird keeping!