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birdbuddy bird song chirp sound library

Got a bird that might enjoy hearing the calls of its own kind? Or maybe you’re thinking of getting a new bird and would like to know how your prospective buddy will sound. BirdBuddy now provides a library of over 700 sound files covering sounds made by the most popular pet bird species, which you can download at your leisure.

Right now, all you need to do to get access to the BBSpace Sound Library is set up a profile in BirdBuddy. Then via the menu just go to Tools->Sound Lab->Library and you’ll be greeted with the following screen:

birdbuddy bird sound song chirp library
First thing you see – nada on device, plenty in BBSpace

The BBSpace Sound Library page is split into halves. On the left is a column labelled ‘This Device’, which shows a list of all the sound files you have previously downloaded from BBSpace (the server) onto your device. Unsurprisingly, if you haven’t yet downloaded anything, then this column starts off empty.

The right hand column labelled BBSpace represents the sound library. You will see a list of all the bird species supported by BirdBuddy, and you can tap on any species name to reveal a list of the currently available sound files for that species:

birdbuddy bird sound file list
The list of sound files for the White Bellied Caique

The list of available sound files just shows a simple filename and the size of the file. Larger files should ideally be downloaded on a wifi connection.

To begin the download process, just tap on either the filename or the filesize and you will see the following popup box appear:

birdbuddy bird sound file download
The download popup for the selected sound file

The sound file download popup shows the file details together with the name and picture of the bird species you are downloading sounds for. Tap ‘Cancel’ to make the popup disappear, or ‘Download’ to begin downloading the sound file.

birdbuddy bird sound audio file download progress
The file download progress bar in action

As your file is downloaded you will see the progress bar expand across the screen giving you an idea of how long the process will take to complete. Once download is complete, you will see some payback controls as below:

birdbuddy bird audio sound download complete
Download complete, give it a listen!

As soon as the download is complete the audio clip will begin playing automatically. You can then rewind it or set it to looped play if you want an uninterrupted flow of bird sounds.

The other thing that happens automatically after the download is complete is that the audio file is saved to your device and it will appear in the left column of the page under ‘This Device’ as below:

birdbuddy bird sound audio file downloaded
A few bird sound files have already been downloaded to the device

Once the sound file has been downloaded and saved to your device you can then come back to the Sound Library page and play the clip without having to download it again by simply tapping on the filename. This will create a new playback popup as below:

birdbuddy bird song audio sound library
Playing back your saved sound file

This playback popup gives you the file details including the duration in minutes and seconds, and you can also delete the clip if required. The usual playback buttons are available.

One thing worth mentioning is that the vast majority of the library files were recorded in the wild. As a result it is not unusual to hear the ambient sound of other birds and insects in the background, but the most distinct and dominant sounds will be those of the bird species you selected.

In future I plan to add recording functionality to BirdBuddy so that users can record their own birds and add to the library if they wish.

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