BirdBuddy Guide #6 – The BBSpace Social Network Platform

birdbuddy bbspace

BBSpace is where BirdBuddy users can view each other’s pet birds, items for sale and wanted items. You can chat to anyone about any of their items or just ask for advice. BBSpace is the only social network platform for pet bird enthusiasts.

You can access BBSpace via the ‘BBSpace’ icon in the main left hand navigation menu (scroll down the menu to see it), or once you have set up a BBSpace profile you can use the icons in the Quick Menu in the main body of the home page for more convenience.

The BBSpace menu has five sections:


Before you can view other users’ profiles in BBSpace you must first create and publish your own profile.

birdbuddy bbspace profile creation
Enter your profile info here

On the BBSpace Profile page, you can enter a username which will be displayed in BBSpace together with an email and password which can be used to recover your profile on other devices and (future feature) log into your account on our website at You can also enter country/area to make it easier for others in your area to find your profile, and also an avatar which will appear at the top of your profile in BBSpace.

You can also select any number of user roles which apply to you eg buyer, seller, owner etc which again will make it easier for others to find you and for you to find relevant users for yourself. You can also choose which parts of your pet bird profiles you want to show/hide in your BBSpace profile such as diet details and life events.

Finally, check the ‘Publish’ checkbox to make your profile visible in BBSpace and allow you to view the profile of others.


The BBSpace section allows you to search and view other users’ profiles and chat to them directly about their items or requirements.

bird buddy bbspace search
Enter your BBSpace search criteria here

On entering the BBSpace page, you must first enter any search criteria you wish to use in finding other user profiles. Alternatively, not entering any search criteria will just show you all BBSpace user profiles in order of our search result algorithm (more about this later).

The search criteria can include any combination of country, area and username, or if you know a specific user’s username already you can retrieve that profile exclusively.

Once you have entered the required search criteria, tap ‘Show BBSpace Users’ and you will be shown the search result user profiles. The order in which user profiles are displayed currently depends solely on the last time that user used the BirdBuddy app. The most recent users appear the highest up the list. This simple algorithm will become more sophisticated later and we’ll letr you know as changes to it are made.

The BBSpace search returned profiles will be displayed as a carousel which can be swiped left or right to scroll through it. Each profile will be displayed as follows:

bird buddy bbspace profile layout
Example of a BBSpace profile

The user’s avatar will contain the username, country and area. A blinking green icon to the left signifies that the user is currently online and using BBSpace. Up to three expandable sections may be displayed beneath the avatar depending on whether or not the user has added items of those types to their profile (ie pet birds, sale items and wanted items). Tapping on any of the sections will expand it to display details of all the items in that section. Chats can be started by tapping the speech bubble icon in any of the item detail sections. If you feel that any item on display is not appropriate for the BirdBuddy app please tap the ‘Report’ icon next to the speech bubble to let us know about it.

At the foot of the BBSpace page are two buttons. Tap ‘New Search’ if you want to broaden or narrow your search according to the available criteria, or tap ‘Invite Friend’ to let a friend know about the BirdBuddy app. Remember, the more people use BirdBuddy the more useful it is to each user so spread the word and lets make it more successful for all of us.

BBSpace Chats

Chats in BBSpace are started in the BBSpace page whilst you or another user is browsing items in a BBSpace profile. After that, chats are resumed and continued in the BBSpace Chats section which can be access either via the left hand navigation menu (scroll down to the ‘BB Chats’ icon), or via the ‘Chats’ icon in the Quick Menu in the homepage.

bird buddy bbspace profile item chat icon
Clicking the speech bubble icon starts a chat…

To start a chat with another user, browse their profile items and when you want to chat about a particular item tap the speech bubble icon below the main item image. The page will scroll up automatically and display the chat dialogue box where you can send a message to the user about the item. The user will be sent a notification that you have started a chat and will hopefully get back to you before long.

If someone sends you a message whilst you are not using BirdBuddy, you will be sent a notification and the next time you visit the homepage of the BirdBuddy app you will see an alert between the bird image and the Quick Menu.

All of your existing chats can be accessed by tapping the ‘BB Chats’ menu item in the main left navigation menu:

birdbuddy bbspace chat section
Here you can see all chats that you are currently involved in

Above you can see what an ongoing chat looks like. The brown title bar shows the names of the chatters – the left-most name is the user who started the chat – and beneath that is the chat content. If you are involved in multiple chats you will see several brown title bars displaying the names of the other users you are chatting to. Simply tap on the required user’s name in the title bar to resume the chat with that particular user. Tapping the ‘X’ on the right of the title bar will stop the chat and you will have no further access to the existing content of that chat again.

Sale Items

We hope BBSpace becomes a place where not just ideas are exchanged but items are bought and sold. If you intend to sell any pet bird related items, tap on ‘Sale Items’ to get started.

birdbuddy bbspace add sale item
Create new sale items here

In the BBSpace Sale Items page you can enter the details of your new sale item such as title, description, stock level, price, time limit on sale (optional), a main image and up to six additional images users can enlarge in your BBSpace profile. There is a ‘Published’ checkbox with which you can toggle the item’s visibility in your BBSpace profile.

Once you have added one or more sale items to your profile, the BBSpace Sale Items page will also display a list of all your current sale items, which you can tap to expand.

birdbuddy bbspace sale items
Manage your sale items here

For each of your existing sale items, you can change any of the pictures you uploaded by tapping on them, toggle its ‘published’ status or delete it. Please note that no other details can be edited at this stage.

Any items you have entered which have theuir ‘Published’ checkbox checked will appear in BBSpace for other users to see.

Wanted Items

If you are looking for something to buy you can set up a ‘Wanted Item’ where you detail the required item so others who may be selling can find you easily and make a connection.

bird buddy bbspace add wanted item
Set up wanted items here

On the BBSpace Wanted Items page you can add the wanted item’s name, description and quantity as well as an estimated price you’d like to pay (optional), a time limit (optional) and a main image. Check the ‘Published’ checkbox to allow other BBSpace users to view the wanted item.

Beneath the input area for newly created wanted items you will see a list of current wanted items that you have already set up.

bird buddy bbspace list wanted items
Manage existing wanted items here

Tap on the name of the wanted item to expand the information on it, where you can toggle its published status or delete it.

I hope you enjoy using BBSpace and find it useful. If you have any suggestions for improvements and additional features, please leave a message below and I’ll get back to you. All constructive comments gratefully accepted.


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