BirdBuddy Guide #3 – Life Events

bird buddy life events section

From behavioral and dietary changes to mating, egg laying and visits to the vet, you can associate life events with your birds to create a timeline showing your bird’s progress through life. Here you can learn how to set up and mange those life events.

To access the Life Events functionality, tap the ‘Events’ icon in the main left navigation menu (third one down). Life Events functionality is only accessible if you have already set up at least one pet bird in the ‘Birds’ section of the app.

The Life Events functionality consists of three sections:

Events Settings

bird buddy life events settings
Add or delete potential life events here

The Life Events Settings page is used to add or delete life event names from a list which you can choose from when associating a life event with a bird. BirdBuddy comes pre-configured with a number of potential life events such as Hatched, Took Medicine and Visited Vet. However you can delete any of these and add your own customized life events to suit your bird’s situation.

Add New Event

birdbuddy add life event
Add a life event to a bird’s history

The Add New Event section contains a list of your pet birds. Select the bird you want to add a life event to and you will be able to select an event from a dropdown list of event names which can be edited in the Events Settings page. You can also add further information associated with the event in the ‘Notes’ section, and finally add a date to the event so the event will be shown in the correct chronological order in the timeline available in the ‘List Birds’ section of the ‘Birds’ section.

The life events set up here can also be shown in your birds profile in BBSpace so other users can see your bird’s history if required.

Finally, you have the option to associate a notification with the life event in cases where future action may be required as a result of the event. For example, you may create a ‘Birthday’ event and attach a notification that will trigger each year on the given day. Or you could create a ‘Take Medication’ event and attach a notification that will remind you of it at the same time every day or week. Just check the checkbox before clicking ‘Save’ and you’ll go to the Notifications page to set up the notification frequency and message.

Edit Existing Event

birdbuddy edit existing life event
Change the event date, name and notes here

If you need to edit or add further notes to an existing life event, you can do it here. The date and even the name of the event can also be changed. Changes will be reflected in the bird’s timeline. Tapping ‘Save’ will take you to the bird’s profile in the Birds List section. There you can tap ‘View Life Events’ to see the bird’s timeline and add another event if required.

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