BirdBuddy Guide #2 – Setting Up Your Bird Data

Whether you are using BirdBuddy’s offline bird management functionality or wanting to show off your beloved pet to other users in the BBSpace social network platform, here is where you edit and manage the relevant details.

To access the ‘Your Birds’ section, use the green main navigation menu in the left column and tap on the ‘Birds’ icon.

birdbuddy home page left menu
The second icon down – ‘Birds’ – gets you to the bird editing section.

The ‘Your Birds’ section is for entering details about your pet birds. Please note, if you want to buy or sell birds in BBSpace you should not use this section but instead use the ‘Sale Items’ or ‘Wanted Items’ of BBSpace.

This section is made up of two parts – Add Bird and Birds List.

Your Birds – Add Bird

The first section is ‘Add Bird’, where you can enter details about your pet including text and images.

birdbuddy add bird section
Add your bird details here

Here you can add the name, species, gender, date of hatching and any further notes about your bird. You can also upload a main image and up to six extra images of your bird. When you click the ‘Add New Bird’ button you will be given the choice of publishing your bird’s details in BBSpace so others can see it and message you about it if they want to. Once you have added these details, the only thing you can change later are the images so please ensure you enter the details correctly.

Your Birds – Birds List

The second section is ‘Birds List’, where you can see the birds you have already added to the system.

birdbuddy list birds section
Manage your bird entries here

Here you will see a list of the bird names you already entered and can tap on the name to expand the existing details. You can only change the images you have uploaded for the bird, or delete the bird from the system. To add an extra image tap on the plus icon under the main image. To change an existing image just tap on the image itself. There are a number of extra functions available here:

  • View Life  Events – You can see a timeline created using the ‘Events’ section in BirdBuddy and add a new event here if required.
  • Create Pair – Associate the currently viewed bird with another you have previously added to keep track of breeding pairs or just close friends 🙂
  • Knowledge Base – Open BirdBuddy’s ‘Knowledge Base’ section at the details relating the species of the currently viewed bird.
  • Update BBSpace – Tap here to update your bird’s profile in the BBSpace social network platform with the changes made to images, life events or pairings in this section.


2 Replies to “BirdBuddy Guide #2 – Setting Up Your Bird Data”

  1. When iOS apps is update? I keeping wait.
    I read all the content is cool. I chob mak ka. Especially dinosaur bird story,is fun and good to know. Keep work na ka. Cheers X

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Napaporn. Users like you are why BirdBuddy exists 🙂 The iOS version will follow soon after we have an established Android user base.

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