Test BirdBuddy and Get a Free T-Shirt!

birdbuddy t-shirt

We’d like to grow BirdBuddy into the world’s most used bird app, but without your feedback we’d be like a rudderless ship. BirdBuddy tries to be a valued tool to anyone with an interest in pet birds and to achieve that we need to know what you like and what you don’t.

We are offering you a good quality t-shirt with the BirdBuddy logo on the front of it. To get the t-shirt just:

1) download the BirdBuddy app using the Google Play button in the right       column.

2) create a quick profile within the app using a valid email address so I can          contact you about a mailing address and our required size of t-shirt.

3) have a play with BirdBuddy, then prepare a few suggestions for what could be done better for you, and what you think is good about it.

You can send me your suggestions via the email (envelope) icon at the foot of this page and the t-shirt will be sent within 3 days. We may email you for further opinion if we implement one of your suggestions.

We hope you enjoy using the app and look forward to improving it to fit your needs even better in future.

birdbuddy t-shirt model
BirdBuddy T-Shirt modeled by Mikey

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