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Let bells ring out and joy be unconfined! At last the Q&A section is with us. It’s basically a simple tool whereby short, sharp questions get to-the-point answers about anything to do with pet birds. Here we explain its features and how to use it.

BirdBuddy Q&A Section Ethos

The Q&A section is designed to let users ask and answer each others questions. The veracity of answers can be judged using two main factors – the qualification of the person who answered and the up/down vote system which users can use to reflect if they think its a good answer or not.

Anyone can view all questions and answers, and also vote on any answers. However to ask or answer a question you will need to create a BirdBuddy profile first.

We are trying to keep chatting and to-and-fro to a minimum as this is not a forum and should be seen purely as a source of information.

Q&A Functionality

The Q&A page can be accessed in 3 ways:

  • In the home page, swipe down to the ‘Q&A Questions’ section, then tap the green ‘Q&A Section’ button at the bottom of it.
  • In the home page, if you have already set up a BirdBuddy profile, open the ‘My Birds’ quick menu then tap the ‘Knowledge Base’ icon. On the next page, tap ‘Q&A’.
  • From anywhere in the app, open the left navigation column and tap on the ‘Knowledge Base’ icon. On the next page, tap ‘Q&A’.
bird buddy q&a questions answers pet bird
The initial view of the Q&A section when signed-in

The Q&A section is split into 2 sections focusing on asking and viewing questions. Questions can be answered after having viewed them.

Asking A Question

In the ‘Ask a Question’ section of the page, check either the ‘Species’ or ‘Other’ button depending on whether you want to ask a question about a specific pet bird species or about some other topic.

birdbuddy qa question ask pet bird
The input section when asking a question

A dropdown selection box will then appear where you can select the specific species or topic you want to ask about. Once you have selected your topic, enter your question in the box below the selection box.

To check back and see if anyone has replied to your question you can check the home page where the latest questions and their replies are accessible, or come back to the Q&A page and use the ‘View Questions’ section to search for your question and see any related answers.

Viewing Questions

Viewing questions allows you to see questions on a specific bird species or more general topic, then view any existing answers to them and add your own answer if desired.

bird buddy qa view question pet bird
Here the user is viewing all the questions

In the ‘View Questions’ section of the Q&A page, select either a bird species or a more general topic by checking the appropriate radio button. You will then see all questions that have previously been asked about that species or topic. Below each question you will see how many replies have been sent in and next to that there will be two links.

birdbuddy pet bird qa view answers to questions
Here you can see an answer to a question and the up-votes and down-votes for it

Tap the ‘View’ link to see all the previously submitted replies to this question. Each reply also comes with the qualification of the user who answered it, and also gives you the opportunity to add your own opinion of the answer by up-voting or down-voting it. Here you can also report any answer if you feel it is not appropriate for general consumption.

Answering A Question

Also underneath each question is a ‘Reply’ link. Tap this link to bring up the reply box where you can add your reply and also add the qualification which you think makes you a good source for the information in your reply.

birdbuddy pet bird qa answer question
This is where you enter your answer to a question

Please note, you cannot reply to your own question. You can only up-vote or down-vote a reply to reflect your reaction to it.

I hope you find the Q&A section useful as it grows. In future, I will be making further improvements to it to make it more and more valuable over time.

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