Quails Can Work Well In An Aviary


bird buddy quail in aviary

We’re having a quail of a time (sorry) with the latest additions to our indoor aviary. The introduction of a pair of common quails (Coturnix coturnix) has proved beneficial in several ways. Turns out they’ve got some endearing character traits too!

Why Quails?

We’ve had an aviary (about 3m x 1m) for several years now and at the moment there are Cockatiels, Java Finches and Zebra Finches in there all getting along fine. For quite some time, we had a problem with insects coming in and feasting on bits of food on the floor. Apart from the natural messy eating of the birds contributing to the detritus, we have a blind Cockatiel which spends most of it’s time on the floor so needs its food bowl down there.

The worst problem was hundreds of these small (about 0.5cm long) black beetle-type things that would swarm the ground at night. Fearing that this could present a risk to our birds’ health, we decided that something had to be done.

I’d had these small ‘button’ quails before and remember them enjoying the odd bug so we went down to our usual pet market in search of quail.

Adding Quails To The Aviary

One pleasant surprised was the low cost of the birds. Less than $2 each! We asked for a male/female pair, which I think is as many as we could comfortably house in an aviary of our size.

quail cockatiel aviary birdbuddy
The quail fitted right in with the non-aggressive cockatiels in the aviary

Bringing them home, we noticed how docile they were, not minding being handled and very at ease. The other birds in the aviary were also non-aggressive so we let the quails loose and watched them for a couple of hours to make sure nothing untoward happened between them all.

As soon as I lifted up a small rock, the small beetles that had taken shelter under it started scattering and the quails just homed in on them like heat seeking missiles. They hoovered those bugs up in a few short minutes and within a week there were no more beetles to be seen anywhere in the room.

quail food aviary
This is the standard feed the quails seem to like

Apart from those protein-rich snacks, the quails also eat a kind of standard chicken-feed which seems to include dried corn. They also eat egg shells when available which helps with calcium uptake as does cuttlebone, which they’ll happily peck away at now and then.

quail aviary birdbuddy
High-sided containers are good for feeding quail

Quails are very messy eaters and will happily spread, walk over and just generally mess up their food if given a chance, so use a high-sided container as a bowl  to prevent this.

Eggs – The Gift That Quails Keep Giving

Eggs were never really in the initial thinking when getting these quails, but they’ve become a most welcome and delicious treat. Bonus!

quail egg aviary birdbuddy
Quails can lay eggs on any open ground

Curiously, I’ve never seen the pair mating at all, but the female plops out an egg every couple of days. They don’t really use a nest and eggs have been found in various places on the aviary floor. Since domestic quails have largely lost their brooding instincts they never try to protect their eggs, or even sit on them so if you want to eat the eggs its best to remove them from the aviary as quickly as possible and put them in the fridge.

I’d never prepared quails eggs before and was a bit scared of the prospect in case I got something wrong and ended up with some kind of food poisoning. But it really is so simple.

quail eggs aviary birdbuddy
Store eggs in a fridge before and after boiling

I usually wait until I’ve got 8 or 9 eggs in the fridge and then boil them. This just involves bringing water to the boil and then putting the eggs in whilst the water simmers for 2 to 2.5 minutes. Then drain the water and let them cool before returning to the fridge.

Personally, when I peel the eggs I rinse them quickly to make sure there are no pieces of shell left before eating. Quail eggs are absolutely delicious. The creamy texture of the yolk compliments the smooth white part perfectly and gram-for-gram quail eggs contain more  protein and less fat than chicken eggs.

bird buddy quail in aviary

Are Quails Pet Material?

Well, that depends what you want out of a pet. I know that our quails don’t mind being picked up, but I think its harder to bond with them as their behavior is harder to judge and they hardly make a sound. Actually, their calls are quite interesting but they are so quiet you have to strain to hear them.

That said, they do some funny stuff that makes them fun to watch. I’ve seen the female repeatedly crouch down then suddenly spring forward like a cat pouncing on a mouse for no clear reason. They also look funny when they stretch out in the dirt with their legs extended out. I must say the first time I saw this I had the horrible feeling for a second that perhaps it had died, but this is just how they like to rest.

They also like ‘bathing’ in dirt, rolling around and even partly submerging themselves. They also like cuddling up together, which looks cute. A slightly annoying though funny trait is that they seem to enjoy standing in water, which fouls up the drinking water every day but its no big deal.

All in all, quails have been a success in our aviary and can live comfortably alongside other non-aggressive bird species.

2 Replies to “Quails Can Work Well In An Aviary”

  1. How do you keep the cockatiels from eating the gamebird feed for the quail? I have 3 button quail we want to add to our large cockatiel cage. While two of my tiels stay near the top of the cage most of the time i have special needs cockatiel who stays near the bottom while i have low perches for her she has neurological issues which make climbing delayed and difficult often resulting in her falling so eats and drinks from bowls on the floor of the cage which is another reason i want to add the quail if nothing else having earth to walk on instead of a wire bottom will help her out. I doubt the gamebird feed is good for the tiels and while the quail make good clean up crew they also need that gamebird so kind of stumped on how they can both be taken care of properly and coexist like i would like them to do nothing i have read really goes into that just how great they are at bug control and seed clean up crew which is great but my cage is indoors i suppose i could supplement seed with live mealworms daily but not sure that is good enough.

    1. Hi and thanks for your question.
      I can only draw on my own experience which is that I’ve never seen any of the other birds eating the quail food. I even had a blind cockatiel that stayed on the floor of the aviary all the time and was not effected by the quail food.
      However, I’m not expert enough to know all the chemicals present in the quail food and if any of them are bad for cockatiels so you may want to ask a vet about this.
      Good luck!

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