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bird buddy metrics

How do I measure thee? Let me count the ways. Well, there are about 22 at the moment.  BirdBuddy now has a new ‘Metrics’ system which lets users record, track and compare results from blood chemistry and hematology tests, as well as weight. Here we look at how use the metrics system and get those groovy graphs growing.

To access the metrics functionality go to Birds->Birds List from the left menu and select the name of the bird you have previously set up in BirdBuddy. Among the yellow buttons on the right side of the screen, tap the one that says ‘Metrics’. You will see the following popup:

birdbuddy metric graph
The first thing you see when you open the Metrics page

Selecting A Metric

The box to the right of the text ‘Record Of:’, with the words ‘No Metric’ is the first thing to tap. Use this to select the metric you would like to view or edit. When you select a metric, the following things happen:

  • The metric becomes the ‘selected’ metric
  • Any previously added values for the selected metric are shown in the line graph
  • A date and value can be added to the metric and automatically displayed in the line graph
  • The average, highest and lowest values for that metric can be searched between a selected time range in the ‘Search History’ section
  • If the metric is selected after a different metric was previously selected, then the subsequent metric information is added to the line graph. In this way, you can compare two or more metrics over time
  • If you select ‘No Metric’ after having selected one or more metrics to display, the graph will be reset to empty
birdbuddy globulin metric graph
Selected albumin metric to see historical values in graph
birdbuddy globulin metric graph
Now we select globulin metric to add that data to the graph
birdbuddy protein metric graph
Now we can add another metric to compare all three metrics over time

Adding A Value To A Metric

After you have selected a metric, tap on the date selector below and to the left of the metric selection box and choose a date. In the box to the right of that, enter a value and tap on the green ‘Add’ button.

If the value you have added is the first value added for that particular metric you will only see a dot on the graph showing the date and value. There will not be a line. As you add further values at different times, the points will join up to show a line graph.

After you add a value, up to three buttons will appear below the date/value input boxes:

  • Update BBSpace (yellow) – tap this to update all this bird’s metric data onBBSpace, which can serve as a cloud backup solution so you can recover the data on any other device at any time or if your current device is reset. This button only appears if you have already created a BBSpace profile.
  • Clear (yellow) – tap this to wipe the graph clean of any metric data lines and reset the metric selection box to ‘No Metric’.
  • Undo (red) – if you have made a mistake in adding a date/value combo, tap this button to step back. Tapping it again will delete the next-last date/value point from the graph and so on.
bird metrics buttons add value
The yellow and red buttons that appear after adding a metric value

When viewing line graphs, you can tap on any data point to get a summary of the metric name, value and date/time.

Searching Metric History

Towards the bottom of the Metrics page you will see a section headed ‘Search History Of….’ together with the currently selected metric.

Here you can enter a ‘from’ date and a ‘to’ date that will define the time range within which to search. There are three things you can search for:

  • The average value within the date range
  • The highest value within the date range
  • The lowest value within the date range

Select the type of value you are searching for using the selection box below the ‘from’ date, and then tap the green ‘Find’ button to get the result, which will be displayed immediately below. The result will always refer to the currently selected metric only.

bird metric search history
The ‘Search History’ of metric section

List of Currently Available Bird Metrics

A.S.T. (Aspartate Aminotransferase)
Bile Acids
B.U.N. (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
C.P.K (Creatine Phosphokinase)
P.C.V. (Packed Cell Volume)
Uric Acid
W.B.C. (White Blood Cells)

And that’s about it! It was a pleasure developing this functionality and I’d like to thank user Teckechick and the other good folks of for coming up with the suggestion to include it in BirdBuddy.

If anyone finds a bug or has further suggestions for this or any other part of the BirdBuddy functionality, please let me know either here in the comments or via the ‘Contact Us’ page of this site. Thanks very much and I hope this is useful to you.



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