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birdbuddy app bird weight

A big shiny new feature can be found in the latest release of BirdBuddy – weight tracking for your bird. Now you can enter weight readings at any time and frequency, then see the data displayed in a dynamic line graph complete with tap-able value points which show the time and weight clearly. Here I describe the simple steps involved in using it.

This new feature was suggested by Macawnutz, a user of the forums and eager to please, I added it to BirdBuddy in the hope that it will be useful to other users.

The aim is to let you track your bird’s weight over time and see the results displayed in a graph. Monitoring your bird’s weight is one of the best ways to maintain its health and check how it responds to changes in diet.

To access the new functionality you will need to already have set up at least one bird profile in BirdBuddy. Then, go to the ‘Birds’ section, tap ‘Birds List’ and then select your bird from the available names. Under the bird’s main image you will see a series of yellow buttons. Tap the ‘Weight’ button to display the weight display and input popup.

birdbuddy app weight button
Select your bird and you will see the new ‘Weight’ button

At first you will see an empty graph since you have not yet entered any weight readings. Beneath the graph you will see a section labelled ‘New Weight Reading’. Tap on the default date in this section and you can select the date on which you measure the weight. To the right of this, enter the weight which can be whole numbers or decimals. Then tap ‘Add’.

If you have just added the very first weight reading, your graph will just show a dot. Entering further weight readings will create a line graph linking all the measurements to make an easy to read display. You can even add weights more than once a day for finer grained monitoring.

birdbuddy app bird weight graph
Choose a date, enter a weight, see the graph updated autommatically

Once you have added a weight reading, two new buttons will appear beneath the date/weight inputs. The first is the yellow ‘Update BBSpace’. Tapping this button will send your bird’s weight data to our server so that it stays safe and can be recovered any time on another device if required. At the moment, bird weight data is not displayed in BBSpace for other users to view but this may become an option in future if needed.

The other button is ‘Undo’, which steps back the last addition you made to the graph. It is possible to step back as many times as the data allows. Keep in mind that any weight data previously saved in BBSpace will not be updated when using the ‘Undo’ button. It is best to complete all changes to the weight data before tapping ‘Update BBSpace’.

birdbuddy app weight adding
Add a new weight reading and new buttons appear

Below the New Weight Reading section is the ‘Search Weight History’ section. Here you can easily find the average, highest or lowest weight reading between any two points in time. Simply select the ‘to’ and ‘from’ dates that define the range and tap ‘Find’. The result will instantly be displayed below.

birdbuddy app search weight history
Search for weight values between two dates

NOTE – this functionality required changes to be made in the database structure of the BirdBuddy app, so if your copy of BirdBuddy was automatically updated to include this functionality, the weight functionality may not work properly. In this case, you would need to re-install BirdBuddy making sure you have saved your data to BBSpace so that you can recover it after the new version of BirdBuddy is installed. And don’t forget the email/password you used for your BirdBuddy profile so that you can recover your profile on the new installation.

If you have any further suggestions about functionality you’d like to see in the app, please let me know either via the email link at the foot of every BirdBuddy page or leave a message beneath this post. Thank you.

birdbuddy app bird weight console
Monitor weight for your bird’s health and reaction to changes in diet

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