BirdBuddy Guide #5 – Diet Management

birdbuddy diet management

The BirdBuddy diet management functionality is designed to help you keep track of what foods your pet bird prefers and what foods your species of pet is likely to enjoy. You can set up your bird’s diet preferences here.

You can access the diet management functionality via the ‘Diet’ icon in the left navigation menu (fifth one down). There is only one section in the diet management functionality, but it has a few components to it.This functionality is only available after you set up at least one pet bird in the ‘Birds’ section of the app.

Initially, you will see a list of the pet birds you have previously entered into the BirdBuddy app. Select the bird you want and the main body of the diet management functionality will display as below.

birdbuddy diet management
Track your birds diet preferences here

The BirdBuddy app will automatically detect the species of your selected birds and display a scrollable list of foods appropriate for that species on the right side of the page under the heading ‘Suitable Foods’. You can tap on any of these if you think your bird will like that food, and the name of the food will then appear in the left column under the heading ‘Preferred Food’, where you can also delete the food name of required.

You can add as many different foods from the right column as you like but of course that list is not exhaustive and your pet bird may take a liking to a food type which is not on the list. In this case, you can enter the name of this food as a ‘custom preference’ and tap ‘Add Preference’ to add the food to the ‘preferred Food’ list which your bird will eat.

When you are out shopping, you can refer to this list to ensure you buy the right types of food for your bird.

Depending on how you set up your BBSpace social network profile, you can choose to make your bird’s diet preferences appear for other users to see if required.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can improve this functionality please leave a message below. We hope this becomes a useful tool for you and your pet bird.

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