BirdBuddy Guide #4 – Notifications

birdbuddy notifications

Some life events need scheduling in the future. The BirdBuddy ‘Notifications’ functionality allow you to set alerts on your device to remind you about bird-related tasks you might need to do. Find out how to set these notifications up here….

You can access the notification functionality by tapping on ‘Notifications’ in the main left hand side navigation menu in BirdBuddy (the fourth one down). Notifications can only be set up after you have entered the details of at least one bird in the ‘Birds’ section of the app.

The notifications functionality is split into two sections:

Add Notification

birdbuddy add new notification
Adding a notification to an event

In the Create New Notification page, you need to already know which bird and its life event you want to attach the new notification to. The example above shows someone going on holiday and requiring a notification reminding them to make sure the bird is fed at the same time every day. The bird name dropdown contains the name of all pet birds you have previously set up, and the event name dropdown contains all the life events you have previously associated with the currently selected bird name. You can then select a date and time when you want the notification to alert you, and select if it is a one-off or recurring notification and the frequency with which the notification recurs.

List Notifications

birdbuddy list notifications
Edit or delete notifications here

The Notifications List contains an accordion which has each of your pet birds, the life events associated with them and the current notifications attached to each event. In the example above, there is no notification associated with the ‘Joined Bird Buddy’ event of the bird called Pugwash, but the same bird has an event called ‘Came on Holiday’ for which there is a notification attached. To view the notification and edit or delete it, just tap anywhere on the table displaying that notification. You will then be on the Edit Notification page where you will be able to change the notification title, subtitle and schedule as required.

birdbuddy edit notification
Edit or delete the selected notification here

When it is time for the notification to activate, you will hear the BirdBuddy alarm tone – a series of bird tweeting sounds – and the notification will appear along the top bar of your device. The notification will contain the notification title and notification subtitle as you defined them in this section of the app.

It is possible to create more than one notification per life event if required. The flexibility this system offers allows you to customize any kind of event notification to cover both micro and macro events of any frequency. We hope you find it a helpful tool in taking care of your pet bird.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this functionality please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at BirdBuddy by leaving a message below. Thank you.


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