BirdBuddy Guide #1 – The Home Page

birdbuddy home page

The home page of an app should present the user with a comfortable, welcoming entry to its functionality and an intuitive path to getting started with its use. We take a look at the BirdBuddy home page and expand upon its features.

The first thing users will notice are the rotating images of various birds commonly adopted as pets around the world, with their common name and Latin species classification name. The home page is composed of main areas – the body of the page and the left navigation menu.

BirdBuddy Home Page Main Body

The main body has two modes. The first is visible whilst the user has not yet created a BirdBuddy user profile on the device. There is a link to retrieve an existing profile if the user had already created a profile and saved it to the BBSpace social network on a different device or if they had done so and then deleted the app on the current device. You will need to supply the email address and password associated with that BirdBuddy profile and then the app will download all your profile details from our server onto your current device.

The main feature of the main body of the BirdBuddy home page is the 1-2-3 step ‘Quick Start’ guide which is meant to be the simplest way to get up and running with BirdBuddy’s key features. Clicking the first step will get you on the way to creating your Birdbuddy profile after which you can add your bird details and start managing them and dealing with the BBSpace social network.

birdbuddy home page quick start
Quick Start guide with recover profile link

The second mode is displayed after the user has created a BirdBuddy user profile. The ‘Quick Start’ guide is replaced by a ‘Quick Menu’ which provides one-touch access to the app’s key functionality, which includes BBSpace access and item management.

birdbuddy home page quick menu
Use the Quick Menu to access and manage your BBSpace items

Beneath the menu content is a green button you can use to send an invitation to use the app to a friend via a number of popular social networking channels. Please spread the word about BirdBuddy to your friends so we can have more people to share with and learn from!

birdbuddy social media links
Use the Let Them Know and social media icons to spread the word about BirdBuddy!

Then below that there are links to BirdBuddy social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and this website so you are never far from BirdBuddy updates and content.

Oh, and you may see an advertisement on the home page around here. We’d love to keep BirdBuddy growing and serving pet bird enthusiasts around the world but bills need paying so please support us by taking an interest in our sponsors.

BirdBuddy Home Page Left Navigation Menu

The top left of the BirdBuddy home page has an icon which makes the left navigation menu pop out. Alternatively, swiping right anywhere on the page will have the same effect. The left navigation menu has a number of icons linking mainly to the bird management functionality. They are as follows:

birdbuddy home page left menu
The left nav menu gives access to the offline management tools
  • Homepage – Quick Start and Quick Menu access
  • Birds – Create and manage profiles of your birds which you can share on BBSpace or keep local
  • Events – Create and manage life events to associate with your birds
  • Notifications – Set up notifications associated with future events of each bird
  • Diet – Find suitable foods for your bird and keep a record of what they like
  • Knowledge Base – Info on the most popular pet bird varieties, plus a User Guide
  • Tools – At the moment, only the device light which can be used as a candling light
  • BBSpace – Set up a profile, sale items and wanted items to publish in BBSpace
  • BBChats – Chats you have started with other users in BBSpace


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