Introduction To The BirdBuddy Mobile App

BirdBuddy Mobile App

Once the aviary in our house was established and the birds seemed comfortable enough in their new home, I began thinking about how my other hobby, programming, could somehow be linked to bird keeping. Cue the creation of BirdBuddy.

At first it was only meant to be a simple little app that would basically be like a notebook for bird keepers to keep records of their birds such as life events, diet preferences and such. But as I began to familiarize myself with more varied technical frameworks more functional possibilities arose. Before long, the ‘notebook’ also included a social network platform called ‘BB Space’ just for bird keeping enthusiasts.

I hope one day the app will be an all-in-one type solution for any bird enthusiasts who are interested in keeping, buying or selling birds or bird related accessories and services. You can use it just for your own offline bird records or reach out to the community and share images of your birds, ask and answer questions directly with other users and buy and sell directly too. All for free!

Here’s a breakdown of the two main areas of the app’s functionality:

Offline Bird Management

  • Set up unlimited bird profiles
  • Add life events to create a timeline for each bird
  • Schedule notifications for planned events e.g. feeding, playing etc
  • Log dietary preferences for each bird
  • Knowledge base contains info on many types of pet bird
  • Use phone as candling light

Online Social Network Platform – BBSpace

  • Publish your profile and browse other users’ profiles
  • Publish text and images of your birds, your sale items and your wanted items
  • Search for other users based on user roles and geographical area
  • Contact other users directly via instant messenger service

I’ve been developing this app on and off over the past couple of years so in some areas its still a little rough around the edges but I’m hoping that with more users and feedback I can keep improving it all the time.

To download the app and use it for free just click on the Google Play button in the right column.


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